How to navigate through the map

Toggle the switch, on the legend bar, for both current and former streams to see changes. An elevation layer is placed to visualize changes in elevation over New Westminster. In addition, the elevation layer; measured in meters, is placed to determine possibilities of past streams or ravines. Contour lines trend up valleys, creating a “V”or “U” shape where they cross a stream. As a result, former streams and ravines generally follow the contour line trend.

Areas of higher elevation is seen in medium blue; Victory Heights Neighbourhood, while lower elevation areas are seen in dark grey, along the Fraser River.

Bridges were present in both old maps and old photographs of New Westminster. Although there is no clear indication of waterways present in the maps and photographs, it is assumed the bridges ran perpendicular to flowing water.

Change the basemap to Imagery with Labels to get an aerial view of New Westminster present day.

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